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Gayle Somers

She has spent 30+ successful years in the apparel industry, traveling to Europe and the Far East to develop products for North America.  Her dining experiences whether traveling near or far, and her early restaurant service positions with wine education taught her preparation and sharing of food with family and friends.  It evolved into planning and catering special events for both corporate and private clients.  Eventually, she developed and opened her own specialty gardening stores in Toronto.  The stores featured a small cafe to cater to designers/clients working in the area, and a sizeable classroom regularly teaching everything from pruning, planting, to outdoor design, all the while keeping a culinary connection to gardening. Ms. Somers was privileged to host up and coming chefs in Toronto to teach classes for up to 35, and has more than a dozen appearances on HGTV to her credit.

Aly Dean Miller

Upon completion of the California Culinary Academy’s Baking and Pastry Program in San Francisco, Ms. Dean worked in one of the busiest brunch restaurants in San Francisco as lead baker.  Her experience of more than 6 years covers all spectrums of working within the restaurant, including waiting tables, hosting, bartending, and as a baker and pastry chef.  In addition, she has over 15 years as a flight attendant for both commercial and private companies.   As a private flight attendant for more than 9 years, she provided all the catering, which involves sourcing good food from the many destinations to which she travels on assignment. Ms. Dean has an accomplished resume and network of contacts in the aviation world, making her uniquely qualified to meet the needs and special requests of this target market.  Her travels to 60 countries have informed her timely and creative ideas and experiences, providing an international perspective to food and service.